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        Tool coating technology

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        Date Listed: 2020-10-27 17:08:07 Country: China»Henan»Zhengzhou
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        In cutting processing, tool performance has a decisive influence on the efficiency, accuracy and surface quality of cutting processing. There always seems to be a contradiction between the two key indicators of tool performance-hardness and strength (toughness). Materials with high hardness tend to have low strength and toughness, and increasing toughness often comes at the cost of a decrease in hardness. Coating one or more layers of metal or non-metal compound films (such as TiC, TiN, Al2O3, etc.) with high hardness and good wear resistance on the soft tool substrate can better solve the problem of tool existence The contradiction between strength and toughness is a revolution in the development of cutting tools. Characteristics of tool coating 1. Good mechanics and cutting performance. The coated tool combines the excellent properties of the base material and the coating material, which not only maintains the good toughness and high strength of the base, but also has the high hardness, high wear resistance and low friction coefficient of the coating. Therefore, the cutting speed of coated tools can be increased by 2 to 5 times compared with that of uncoated tools, and the use of coated tools can obtain significant economic benefits. 2. Strong versatility The versatility of coated tools is wide, and the processing range is significantly expanded. One coated tool can replace several non-coated tools, which can greatly reduce the variety and inventory of tools, simplify tool management, and reduce tool and equipment costs. Classification of coating According to different coating methods, coated tools can be divided into chemical vapor deposition (Chemical Vapour Deposition, referred to as CVD) coated tools, physical vapor deposition (Physical Vapour Depositon, referred to as PVD) coated tools, and mixed processes and combined technologies. The principle of CVD coating is shown in Figure 1a, and the principle of PVD coating is shown in Figure 1b. The hybrid pr

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